By adding product data to Buyerdock, an app is automatically created that delivers the deepest and richest content and information directly to consumers. When the iQRcode is scanned by a consumer, it opens the instant Web App with product and regulatory information. Each click can be seen via an analytics dashboard, allowing brands to understand what consumers are interested in (in what country/town) and develop deeper richer information to further enhance the offering.

Not only does the platform deliver the most intelligent iQRcode, it also creates recycle logos and EPR data for various EU countries. Using patent pending technology, EU recycle logos are updated as and when new laws are passed throughout the region and soon, the rest of the world.

In our testing, the most clicked tile to date has been the sustainability story. This is crucial as the consumers are being more proactive in their pursuit of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, whether by choosing brands that have ethical or environmentally sustainable practices and values, the second most clicked tile is allergens.

By making the monthly admin fee so low, Buyerdock is levelling the playing field so all brands can become compliant and engage directly with their consumers.

We are a GS1 Approved Partner

GS1 standards are the most widely used system of standards in the world

The most recognisable is the barcode, used by over 2.5 million business globally. GS1 is a not-for-profit company with 116 offices operating across 150 countries. They are the only legal issuer of barcode numbers (GTINs).

Buyerdock is a GS1 Approved Partner and is the first approved provider of GS1 Digital Link in the UK. GS1 Digital Link enables connections to all types of business-to- business and business-to-consumer information via iQRcodes.

Buyerdock’s compliance with GS1 Standards include:

GS1 Identification Keys

Item: Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

GS1 Digital Link

The product can encode GS1 Digital Link into appropriate data carriers. The product can generate/utilise GS1 Digital Link URLs.

GS1 Web Vocabulary

The product can add structured data about an item to a web page to make it more public friendly using the GS1 Web Vocabulary, so that the item details are machine-readable.

Buyerdock have launched a consumer Web-app powered by GS1 standards, that enables brands to achieve the new iQRcode standard.

Barcodes are changing

GS1 are the non-for-profit global authority who set standards and the only company that issue new barcodes across the world.

The barcode has offered price lookup functionality for decades, but nothing else, they carry zero information. Retailers need to manually input data in their systems to enable a product to “beep” at the checkout. However, the classic barcode is no longer keeping up with today’s growing demands for greater product information transparency, traceability, and authentication.

Thus, industry is moving toward two-dimensional barcodes that are able to carry more information. 2D barcodes look like QR codes and allow for a single, standardised way to meet both supply chain needs and evolving consumer requirements. Globally, industry has set a date to make the transition to accepting 2D barcodes at point-of-sale – referred to as Sunrise 2027.

Buyerdock are partners with multiple GS1 offices and are the first company to be signed off to deliver 2D barcodes automatically. All of the iQRcodes featured on our website are not only the most intelligent QR codes available, they are future proofed so that all brands using Buyerdock iQRcodes will already be able to scan at POS and comply with the future GS1 standard.

All retailers globally are starting to trial 2D barcodes now, scanning at the till or point of sale, Buyerdock are running pilots with Woolworths in Australia, Walmart in the USA, and soon one of the largest UK retailers.

Real world examples

Making a difference

Scan these 2D barcodes below to experience the depth and breath of content that these brands share with their consumers.

Our distributors needed Triman logos in France, the Buyerdock app made this super easy

Robert Jebb


We show FAQ’s in the app, our returns are down 80% since using the Buyerdock iQRcode

Georgie Janion-Shaw


Our customers want to know more about our sustainable story, our iQRcode has solved this

Luke Sherriff


Using an iQRcode on our products has made it easy for customers to access information quickly.

Facundo Turdo