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New trading regulations regarding the circular economy across the world are coming thick and fast. At present every single product sold to a consumer in France and Italy, require, by law, product specific recycling logos for the packaging and in France, depending on your product type, additional logos regarding the actual disposal of the product itself (such as shoes or clothing).

Retailers no longer accept non-compliant products and the fines are substantial for those selling without compliance.

Buyerdock has a patent pending automated solution that delivers the French Triman and Italian sorting logos instantly by answering a short list of questions.

All of Europe (inc UK) are mandated to launch their own unique logos, and Spain, UK, Portugal, Netherlands and Poland are releasing their unique product specific recycle logos 2023/24 – the rest will follow.

Our annual ECO Compliance Licence delivers peace of mind. We work exclusively with DSS+ (world leading ESG and sustainability consultants) to ensure all products on Buyerdock meet sorting logo regulations and stay abreast of any changes or new country launches.

To help keep your products up-to-date with the latest recycle logo regulations, notifications will be sent out in advance to advise you of any changes that will affect your packaging recycling compliance.

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French Triman and Infotris
Italian Raccolta
EU Wine Labelling
ERP Article 13

What are the new laws?

Why are they relevant?

All the laws opposite are in place and active today. These laws may hinder the ability to trade in the EU, but have been put in place to create better trading and environmental standards.

The objectives are focused primarily around:

– Circular economy law
– Climate change
– Reducing waste.

To trade, your products must be compliant.

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Type: Article 17 (AGEC Law)
Implementation date: 9 September 2022
Link to law:
Fines: up to €100,000
2 years in prison
Type: Decree No. 116
Implementation date: January 2023
Link to law:
Fines: €5,200 – €40,000
Type: Article 13 (AGEC Law)
Implementation date: January 2023
Link to law:
Link to EU law: lex-europa
Fines: €15k per SKU, max. fine
10% global turnover
EU Wine Regulation
Type: Article 119
(Reg No. 1308/2013)
Implementation date: November 2023
Link to law:
Fines: TBA per country
– no sale in EU

What is driving these new regulations?

Our world is currently faced with multiple challenges, whether it be environmental, ethical, labour or resource driven, all have been accelerated due to greater recognition of the potential effects of climate change.

EU law states that each member country needs to launch new clearer recycle logos, France and Italy are leading the way, most notably the French Info Tri logo. These will be soon followed in 2024 by the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Poland. All EuroZone countries will follow in the years ahead.

These regulations are leading to the Digital Product Passport.

What is a Digital Product Passport?

In protecting our future the EU are leading the way with a package of regulations coming in over the next few years to ensure we as consumers; reuse more of what we’ve bought. Retailers across Europe have been quick to remove non-compliant product for fear of fines. It’s not just the EU, Circular Economy regulation is being looked at by other countries around the world as well.

Working with the Universities of Loughborough and Essex Buyerdock is already the leading platform delivering the first steps to a Digital Product Passport, designed to accelerate the Circular Economy and ultimately change the way we as consumers buy and re-use product, reducing our dependency on our worlds virgin materials.