ECO Compliance License

Immediate requirements

Working exclusively with the world leading ESG and sustainability consultants, DSS+, Buyerdock offers an efficient and manageable regulations solution for all business sizes, making sure all your products are legally compliant today for recycle logos in several EU countries.

Every single consumer product in France and Italy, now require, by law, the correct (unique per product) recycle logos on packaging. Retailers will not accept non-compliant products. Fines are substantial for those selling without compliance. They are complex and one size does not fit all..

We offer four payment bands, these accommodate businesses who have low to high SKU requirements. The fee is annual, covering all active recycle logo compliances in the calendar year from which you started paying.
Number of SKUs Annual fee Bulk discount fee Saving
1 – 100 £360.00 £360.00 -
101 - 500 £1,800.00 £1,530.00 -15%
501 – 1,000 £3,600.00 £2,880.00 -20%
1,000+ Enterprise Fee on request - TBC


See some answers to commonly asked questions regarding our license:

  1. How long does the license last?
    As long as you keep up with the subscription, the license covers your products for current and upcoming recycle logo regulations.
  2. What happens if we stop payments?
    Your account will be frozen with no further compliance updates added to your products, and no more ability to amend.
  3. Will license fees increase when other counties compliances are added?
    No, these will be added with no additional cost.

Buyerdock currently cover the French Triman recycle logo generation, the Italian recycle logo generation and article 13 circular economy text in France. The list below features what your license currently covers along with the countries that will be included in the future. On the table, change Spain release date to 2023

Country Regulation Asset Type Release Date 2D Barcode Linked
France Article 17: Triman Recycling Packaging graphic 2020 Yes
France Article 13: Circular Economy Documentation 2020 ITEM
Italy Decree 118: Recycling Packaging graphic 2021 Yes
Spain Article 17 Packaging graphic 2022 Yes
UK - - 2023 Yes
Portugal - - 2023 Yes
Poland - - 2024 Yes
The Netherlands - - 2024 Yes
Germany - - 2024 Yes

Every single country in Europe are committed to release their own unique recycle logo in the coming years, Buyerdock will update with each and every one once available, your license covers you for all country logos as and when released.