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What are the regulations?

Driven by the European Green deal and the New Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)

France and Italy’s introduction of mandated unique product packaging recycle logos and recycle logos on products stems from their commitment to address environmental concerns and promote sustainable practices.

These initiatives are part of a broader trend across Europe, driven by the European Green deal and the New Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)

The implementation of recycle logos aims to create a culture of responsible consumption and waste reduction among consumers, aligning with EU directives for a more sustainable economy.

France and Italy were the first countries to launch their logos in 2022, called Triman in France, the rest of Europe are mandated to follow, along with the UK. Currently, it is illegal to sell in France or Italy, whether via a bricks and mortar retailer, online retailer such as Amazon or direct to consumer without the correct logos. Fines range from €40k in Italy to 10% of global turnover in France.


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Try the Buyerdock automated EU recycle logo generator*

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There are no shortcuts, you cannot simply download a Triman logo from a web search. The Buyerdock (patent pending*) sorting logo simulator demonstrates how different recycling logo are delivered for each individual product.

Based on the choices you make through the dropdown options, the simulator will create recycling logos that meet both French and Italian law**. To help illustrate the complexity of the compliances if you do change any of the options the simulator will deliver different recycling logo variations.


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*European Patent Office, patent application – EP23198365.1
**The results are for illustration purposes only. The full version has many different option from different industries.

Logo simulator

1. Select a product category

2. Packaging recycling elements

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2nd packaging element

3rd packaging element

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What are the next steps?

Get started

Swap QR codes Simply add Product Name, SKU, GTIN to the platform and input the URL you currently use on your QRcodes. Download your future proofed iQRcode™ from Buyerdock and swap them over during your next print run.

On-board data Further to completing the steps above, once you have selected your preferred package (see Create your first DPP below) you will be presented with a series of information fields to create your product profiles and Buyerdock will automatically build your unique consumer app.

Consumer engagement Once on pack and in-store, your product iQRcode™ can be scanned at checkout and by consumers via smartphone delivering instant access to content on the Buyerdock consumer app without requiring a download. Your customers can then explore up to 15+ topic categories, revealing extensive in-depth information about every aspect of your product. Automatically translating your product information wherever scanned in the world.

Digital Product Passport If applicable to your category, complete the relevant DPP fields such as traceability, European Responsible Person, Supply Chain information etc.

Create your first DPP

Web app

Screenshot of Buyerdock web-appFeatures

Although the Recycling tile delivers the Triman information, other tiles do include related content that will contribute towards your DPP:

– Recycling
– Sustainability
– Traceability
– How to
– Environment
– FAQs

Meeting both printed packaging and digital requirements

Standards do vary per country

Italy Recycle codes can be delivered printed on pack or behind a QR code.

France Recycle logo requirements depend on the size of your product. Smaller products just need a QR code, however larger products do require more printed graphics to become legal. The Buyerdock logo generator will help you identify the exact requirements for your packaging.

It is important to note that due to EU law, logos cannot be displayed via a downloadable app, the law states that you cannot know who the consumer is before they have seen the recycle logos. They also need by law to see the logos within just one click after scanning.

The Buyerdock iQRcode™ takes your customer directly to a web-app respecting these laws, none of your consumers personal data is collected upon opening the moreinfo.io app. Recycling information is accessed in just one click. The web-app also automatically detects the country scanned in and shows the web-app in the correct language.

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