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Introducing next generation barcodes

Transforming consumer insights, business operations and sustainability

Join the evolution of the barcode Since the inception of the barcode in 1973, it has revolutionised global commerce, facilitating over 1 billion product identifications and streamlining transactions worldwide.

Experience the future With GS1 global standards and unique identifiers like GTINs, 2D barcodes seamlessly connect products to vital digital information, enhancing safety, transparency, and resilience across supply chains.

Unlocking new possibilities The Buyerdock next-generation barcode, called iQRcode™, has the GS1 2D technology (digital link) built into it. From product origins to sustainable information and unparalleled data capture capabilities, the iQRcode™ provides invaluable insights for consumers, businesses and regulators helping empower informed decisions.

Buyerdock was the first GS1 partner to embed 2D technology into its platform, 12 months later, the iQRcode™ is scanned in 105 countries on more than 15 million products in retail today. GS1 is building a coalition of industry leaders to deploy the next generation barcodes around the world.

Barcodes are transitioning

One dimensional
Linear barcode

Linear Barcode

  • Point-of-sale
Regular barcode


  • Website link
Multi dimensional

2D Barcode

  • Point-of-sale
  • Website link
  • Product information
  • Provenance
  • Environmental
  • Recycling
  • Promotions
  • So much more…

The evolution of the barcode

2024 Current

A current packaging shot of shampoo

2024Re-adjusted with limited content behind iQRcode™

 Packaging with limited content behind iQRcode™

2025Re-adjusted with additional content behind iQRcode™

 Packaging with additional content behind iQRcode™

2027 Re-adjusted with majority of content behind iQRcode™

 Packaging with majority content behind iQRcode™

Beyond All content behind iQRcode™

 Packaging all content behind iQRcode™

iQRcode™ technology

Today’s solution ready for the world of tomorrow

Buyerdock is a GS1 Approved Partner and was the first approved provider of GS1 Digital Link in the UK. The link enables connections to all types of business-to-business and business-to-consumer information via GS1 2Dbarcode technology.

The Buyerdock DPP solution not only delivers the new requirements today but can be dynamically updated to the ever changing regulations of tomorrow, using the smart iQRcode™ connected dynamically (updateable 24/7) to the Buyerdock consumer app.

Buyerdock’s built-in future proofing is achieved by working closely with governments, academia, NGOs and Industry trade associations.

A tin on Sistr Coffee with an iQRcode

Why start the change today?

Change is only around the corner!

The EAN/UPC barcode, or the one-dimensional (1D) barcode, has offered price lookup functionality for decades. However, it’s no longer keeping up with today’s growing demands for greater product information transparency, traceability, and authentication. In response, the global supply chain is moving toward two-dimensional (2D) barcodes that can carry more information. Industry has set a date to make the transition to accepting 2D barcodes at point-of-sale (POS) — referred to as Sunrise 2027.

A lady scanning a iQRcode

Buyerdock’s iQRcode™ is fully compliant and signed off by GS1

Meeting the highest standards


– Uses digital link
– Product GTIN number (barcode)
– Unique web app for each product
– Scans at checkout
– Accessible on all smartphones
– Future-proof your products

Nutritional values on a product label

What are the next steps?

Get started

Swap QR codes Simply add Product Name, SKU, GTIN to the platform and input the URL you currently use on your QRcodes. Download your future proofed iQRcode™ from Buyerdock and swap them over during your next print run.

On-board data Further to completing the steps above, once you have selected your preferred package (see Create your first iQRcode™ below) you will be presented with a series of information fields to create your product profiles and Buyerdock will automatically build your unique consumer app.

Consumer engagement Once on pack and in-store, your product iQRcode™ can be scanned at checkout and by consumers via smartphone delivering instant access to content on the Buyerdock consumer app without requiring a download. Your customers can then explore up to 15+ topic categories, revealing extensive in-depth information about every aspect of your product. Automatically translating your product information wherever scanned in the world.

Digital Product Passport If applicable to your category, complete the relevant DPP fields such as traceability, European Responsible Person, Supply Chain information etc.

Create your first iQRcode™

Web app

A screen-grab of Buyerdock Web appFeatures

The Buyerdock web app includes 15 tiles, which features a wide spectrum of content for your consumer to explore:

– Product
– Recycling
– Allergens
– Brand
– Sustainability
– Ingredients
– About us
– Certification
– How to
– Traceability
– Environment
– FAQs
– Contact
– Promotions
– Stockists

Simple solutions based on your business needs
Fast Track

Convert your current QRcodes to GS1 approved 2D barcodes today. Start your journey and get ready for the global transition to 2D barcodes. Get FREE alerts when your business category requires a Digital Product Passport.

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Engage with your customers from your packaging and start your Digital Product Passport journey.

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