Welcome to new improved Buyerdock

16th April 2024

As you can see, we’ve made some large updates to the platform.

We have updated the entire platform as the new Digital Product Passport is coming soon (passing law in April 2024), along with the move towards 2D barcodes by GS1..

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Digital Product Passports for textiles, fashion and shoes – we’re ready, are you?

8th February 2024

With the EU set to approve Digital Product Passports (DPP) in March 2024, it’s time for fashion manufacturers, brands, along with textiles and footwear companies to get started on their journey to compliance.

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Buyerdock, now trusted by over 500 brands

15th January 2024

Announcing the 500 club. We are going to showcase a different brand from the 500 club each week on Linkedin.

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Buyerdock is now an official Amazon SPN partner

13th November 2023

Buyerdock is now an approved partner on Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN)

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FT Article says EU recycle logos cost €1-2k per product, per country

5th October 2023

Europen, the packaging industry body, estimates it costs between €1,000 and €2,000 per product for separate artwork to be designed in each country.

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EU Digital Product Passport and Smart Labeling

2nd October 2023

Over the next couple of years all consumer products will require a digital product passport (textiles are next), not just in the EU but rolling out across the world.

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End of the line for barcodes – The Sunday Times article

1st October 2023

The barcode is so integral to daily life that it is scanned ten billion times a day, more times than Google’s search engine is used…

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CONAI says Buyerdock QR codes are a good idea

12th September 2023

As the first company to be approved by GS1 in the UK to deliver 2D barcodes (now called QR codes powered by GS1), we’ve made great strides towards making our QR codes the most Intelligent on the planet. 2D or not 2D is another question, we liken them to i-QR codes (Intelligent QR codes).

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New rules on recycle logos for Spain

1st September 2023

If your products reach consumers in Spain, whether it be via a retailer, your website or places like Amazon FBA or Ebay, you will need to comply. Our annual EU recycle licence will cover you for Spain, as well as the Triman in France and Italy.

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All Amazon sellers need the triman logo if they sell in France

23rd August 2023

If you are an Amazon seller that ships product to France or Italy either FBA or FBM, you need to ensure your packaging carries the correct recycle logo otherwise you will be at risk of a fine upto €100k or worse up two years in prison according to French law

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Introducing our automatic triman logo generator

21st August 2023

The Triman logo means that the product or packaging can be recycled and components must be disposed of separately. The accompanying “Info-tri” serves as a sorting guide and helps consumers to dispose of the waste in the correct recycling or waste paper containers.

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Simone Thomas Wellness case study

7th July 2023

Find out how Simone Thomas Wellness is successfully working with Buyerdock’s 2D-Barcodes.

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