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What is DPP?

Transparency for your consumers

A Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a dynamic digital record that provides comprehensive information about a product throughout its lifecycle. It typically includes details such as the product’s origin, composition, manufacturing process, sustainability attributes, usage instructions, and end-of-life disposal options. DPP’s require digital technologies such as QR codes to store and share this information securely and transparently.

They serve as a tool for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, for businesses to demonstrate product transparency and sustainability, and for regulators to ensure compliance with environmental and safety standards.

DPPs are increasingly being adopted across territories, governments, and industries, including fashion, electronics, and consumer goods, as part of efforts to promote transparency, traceability, and Circular Economy principles. EU have started this process, but many other countries will follow.

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Which products are a priority?

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Every consumer product will require a DPP with the first categories required in the EU being Textiles (inclusive of garments, footwear and houseware) and Batteries.

What are the next steps?

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Swap QR codes Simply add Product Name, SKU, GTIN to the platform and input the URL you currently use on your QRcodes. Download your future proofed iQRcode™ from Buyerdock and swap them over during your next print run.

On-board data Further to completing the steps above, once you have selected your preferred package (see Create your first DPP below) you will be presented with a series of information fields to create your product profiles and Buyerdock will automatically build your unique consumer app.

Consumer engagement Once on pack and in-store, your product iQRcode™ can be scanned at checkout and by consumers via smartphone delivering instant access to content on the Buyerdock consumer app without requiring a download. Your customers can then explore up to 15+ topic categories, revealing extensive in-depth information about every aspect of your product. Automatically translating your product information wherever scanned in the world.

Digital Product Passport If applicable to your category, complete the relevant DPP fields such as traceability, European Responsible Person, Supply Chain information etc.

Built using 2D barcode (iQRcode™) technology

Todays solution for the world tomorrow

Buyerdock is a GS1 Approved Partner and was the first approved provider of GS1 Digital Link in the UK. The link enables connections to all types of business-to-business and business-to-consumer information via a 2D barcode, a required GS1 global standard.

Our DPP solution not only delivers the new requirements today but can easily adapt to ever the changing regulations of tomorrow, using a smart iQRcode™ connected to your dynamic and updateable Buyerdock web app.

Buyerdock’s built-in future proofing is achieved by working closely with governments, academia, NGO’s and Industry trade associations.

Your Digital Product Passport

Todays solution for the world tomorrow

Digital Product Passports (DPP) will revolutionise how we understand and interact with products. A DPP acts as a “Digital Twin” of the physical product capturing critical details related to its origins, supply chain history, sustainability of production, authenticity and other relevant business information you would like your consumers to see. Data transparency will allow consumers, manufacturers and businesses to better understand the materials and environmental impact associated with a product. This includes how a product is made, its usage, can it be reused, remanufactured and what happens at the end of its life.

There are 4 key elements of a Digital Product Passport:

Consumer focused: to help consumers make more informed buying decisions based on the information provided.

Sustainability: to promote material and energy efficiency, extending product lifetimes and optimising product use.

Circularity: to allow the economic and environmental value of materials to be preserved for as long as possible by keeping them in the economic system, either by lengthening the life of the product or by looping them back in the system to be reused.

Traceability and Legal Compliance: to serve as a digital record of product compliance, helping auditors evaluate legal obligations regarding traceability etc.


Web app


Digital Product Passport content is featured in the following tiles on the consumer app:

– Recycling
– Sustainability
– Traceability
– How to
– Environment
– FAQs

Case study


With the new DPP regulation from the EU starting with textiles, working with information from the UK Fashion and Textile Association and other partners, Buyerdock developed its existing regulatory solution to include the unique requirement for the fashion and textile industry. In collaboration with Byways this has been successfully tested on care labels, hang-tags and RFID tags.

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