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The iQRcode™ driven web app

Future proofing for the journey ahead

QR codes offer brands a powerful tool to engage consumers and convey additional information effectively. Covid brought the technology to the forefront and almost all brands now use QR codes to point consumers to a website or promotion.

By using Buyerdock, you will deliver easy to digest bite-sized information directly via your product’s web app. All links within the app drive post-purchase traffic to your brand’s own website and social media channels.

GS1 have mandated that all products need to have 2D barcodes, the Buyerdock iQRcode™ has GS1 2D Technology (digital link) built into it, so you’re ready to enjoy the benefits listed below on this page, you’ll also be future proofed and ready for the retail change by 2027, where QR codes will replace barcodes at the point of sale.


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What are the next steps?

Get started

Swap QR codes Simply add Product Name, SKU, GTIN to the platform and input the URL you currently use on your QRcodes. Download your future proofed iQRcode™ from Buyerdock and swap them over during your next print run.

On-board data Further to completing the steps above, once you have selected your preferred package (see Create your iQRcode™ below) you will be presented with a series of information fields to create your product profiles and Buyerdock will automatically build your unique consumer app.

Consumer engagement Once on pack and in-store, your product iQRcode™ can be scanned at checkout and by consumers via smartphone delivering instant access to content on the Buyerdock consumer app without requiring a download. Your customers can then explore up to 15+ topic categories, revealing extensive in-depth information about every aspect of your product. Automatically translating your product information wherever scanned in the world.

Digital Product Passport If applicable to your category, complete the relevant DPP fields such as traceability, European Responsible Person, Supply Chain information etc.

Create your first iQRcode™

Web app

Screenshot of Buyerdock web-appFeatures

The Buyerdock web app includes 15 tiles, featuring a wide spectrum of content topics for consumers to explore:

– Product
– Recycling
– Allergens
– Brand
– Sustainability
– Ingredients
– About us
– Certification
– How to
– Traceability
– Environment
– FAQs
– Contact
– Promotions
– Stockists


Built with your business in mind

User friendly interface

Buyerdock use GS1 Digital Link to power the iQRcode™, this enables brands to add product data to the Buyerdock platform and automatically generate a consumer app. No tech skills or design work is required, just product data.

Buyerdock uses the domain moreinfo.io to deliver the web-app. A study carried out with Essex University discovered that the domain and ease of use of the consumer app grew the perceived value of a product. Moreinfo is a neutral domain that shows upon scanning any iQRcode™, this tells the consumer what to expect.

The Buyerdock web-app opens instantly without any app to download. Downloadable apps cannot be used due to EU law, because legal requirements such as recycle logos need to be accessed by the consumer without delay.

The app also automatically detects the country scanned in and shows the app in the correct language. This content is then available to the user in multi-language. This will also satisfy the upcoming Digital Product Passport requirements.


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Feature rich

The benefits of the iQRcode™ include:

Enhanced consumer engagement The iQRcode™ provides an interactive experience, allowing brands to engage consumers directly and deepen brand-consumer relationships.

Access to additional information Brands can offer detailed product information, such as ingredients, user guides, and sustainability information, empowering consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Storytelling opportunities The iQRcode™ enable brands to share their story, values, and mission, fostering brand loyalty and differentiation in a competitive market.

Versatility and flexibility The iQRcode™ can be integrated into various marketing materials, including packaging, advertisements, and promotional materials, offering versatile communication channels. Using trackable analytics, brands can see when consumers scan the iQRcode™ and gather valuable insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and engagement levels, facilitating data-driven marketing strategies.

Eco-friendly alternative The iQRcode™ can reduce the need for printed materials, contributing to environmental sustainability and aligning with consumers’ growing eco-consciousness.

Adaptability to digital trends In an increasingly digital landscape, the iQRcode™ serves as a bridge between physical and digital worlds, ensuring brands remain compliant and accessible to consumers.


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Endless possibilities

Flexible and adaptable content provider

The Buyerdock iQRcode™ is dynamic and fully controlled by you. You can make any adjustment at any time and the app will automatically update, anywhere in the world, instantly.

Using the iQRcode™ will enable you to control product recalls and set alerts informing consumers of upcoming changes to the product.

It can be used to show and run promotions directly from the app to your landing page or social media. Showcasing store locations is now very simple, giving consumers easy access to re-purchase. If your product has how-to guides, recipes, anything that would normally be printed or shown in a video, you can showcase the pdf in the app or embed videos, such as Youtube.


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Case study

Simone Thomas Wellness

Award winning wellness brand Simone Thomas Wellness needed a way to communicate to their customers. Not just in a typical leaflet or through their web site, but in an advanced and dynamic way, targeted directly through the individual products.

Using the Buyerdock iQRcode™, which was printed on both the outer box and the bottle inside, this was a conscious decision due to consumers often recycling the cardboard outer box, so having an iQRcode™ on the bottle inside, meant they could continue the engagement directly to their consumers offering dietary and wellness advice that could be updated weekly, long after purchase.

By swapping over their old QR codes with the iQRcode™ their products are future-proofed, ready to be scanned at POS, when GS1 transitions away from the traditional barcode in 2027.

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