Global discovery platform connecting buyers and sellers


Looking for a way of discovering shelf-ready products?

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Looking to showcase your products to the leading buyers

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buyerdock can provide you the answer

  • Where you can discover new products and suppliers
  • Managing the initial handshake between buyer and supplier
  • Where products have been pre-qualified and made shelf ready
  • You can reduce your admin and spend more time buying

buyerdock can provide you the answer

  • Showcase your products to the right buyer
  • Get real time alerts when buyers are searching for your product
  • Remove the repetition of new line forms
  • Access a global network of buyers
  • Fast-track your products to shelf

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What suppliers have told us

Buyerdock will give us fast access to the right buyer with new products

Buyerdock will deliver us a significant competitive advantage

Buyerdock is exactly what we need to get our brand in front of the right buyers

Buyerdock is the perfect platform for our small brand to compete with the big guys

What retailers have told us

Buyerdock will deliver pre-qualified product discovery, letting buyers buy

Buyerdock will assist product discovery, a one-stop-shop for the buyers

Buyerdock will offer product discovery that short circuits the buying cycle

Buyerdock will change how suppliers and products are listed to save buyers' time