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The easiest way to comply with EU packaging regulations and communicate directly with your consumers

By uploading your products to Buyerdock, for just £1 admin fee per SKU per month, the platform will deliver an app that immediately delivers the following for each of your products... and much more


  • The correct French Triman logo
  • Italian recycling logo and text
  • EU wine regulation compliance
  • French circular economy compliance


  • GS1 approved 2D barcodes
  • Consumer engagement analytics
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Unlimited downloads per SKU


  • Instant access to your consumer app
  • Showcase of your sustainability story
  • Access to your full allergen details
  • Ability to view your "How to" videos and manuals


  • Automatically updated website promotions
  • Influencer video promotions
  • Links to your social media
  • Higher consumer engagement

No credit card required on sign up, only pay once you've tried the web app and decided to activate it.

Buyerdock platform is built and approved to GS1 global standards delivering 2D-QR barcodes.

Immediate Access

We have created a simple no nonsense process:

  • 1SIGN-UP for FREE
  • 2INPUT your product data
  • 3DOWNLOAD your 2D-QR code
  • 4APPLY to your packaging
  • 5OPT-IN to the Web app
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In order to sell in France or Italy, by law, all consumer products must now have a mandatory environmental label on packaging, this can be displayed by 2D-QR code. Buyerdock automatically generates the correct labels in French and Italian making your products compliant by answering just a couple of simple questions.

From the 1st January 2023, all products sold in France need to comply with Article 13, a component of the French Circular Economy law. This hugely complex and confusing regulation can be delivered by 2D-QR code and Buyerdock can now automatically deliver the required French language text by answering an additional set of questions.

Buyerdock also have a solution for the wine producers CAP law which means any wine sold in the EU needs a digital 2D-QR code on it to show Ingredients, Nutrition, allergens and of course, recycling labels.

Buyerdock has a fixed fee of just £1 per SKU (Barcode) per month, unlimited use (eg. you have 2x products and want to put the 2D-QR barcode with app on 1 million units, it's just £2 per month in total), this fee covers all current regulations, the consumer app, analytics and everything you see on this page.

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Buyerdock enables brands to create a detailed profile for each SKU (product). The 2D-QR-code enables brands to create marketing and messaging opportunities through accessible and informative content that connects directly with the consumer, delivering information that is relevant to the product they have in their hand, rather than looking through a whole website to find the information.

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The information embedded in these 2D-QR-codes adheres to GS1 standards, this gives consumers the assurance that the information is compliant and accurate, enabling them to be better informed and able to buy with confidence.

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Product packaging and labelling is at a critical inflection point. Consumers demand more product information and greater transparency in an accessible form. Retailers require streamlined processes to maintain productivity and profitability while meeting upcoming regulatory changes.

See 2D-QR codes in action, scan opposite.

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