Automated EU recycle logos. Intelligent QR codes. Trusted by brands to power their products.

Turn your products into the ultimate marketing tool

By adding your product data to Buyerdock, the system will create a product specific iQRcode™, a unique consumer app and generate the mandated EU recycle logos automatically (using our patent pending tool).

Reach your consumers pre and post purchase and trade with peace of mind that your packaging is compliant when each EU country launches their new mandatory circular economy recycle logos.

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Unique solutions for each of your products

Simply add your product data and reach consumers like never before

Automated EU recycle logos

The only (patent pending) tool that delivers your required EU recycle logos (mandated with the Triman logo in France and Raccolta labels in Italy by law from Jan 2023) on an individual SKU basis.

Intelligent iQRcode™

The easiest and most advanced way to reach your consumers pre and post purchase. They are dynamic QR codes, have an automatically generated app (per SKU) and will be able to scan at checkouts, future proofing them for GS1’s upcoming move to QR barcodes.

The law has changed. All products need new, unique recycle logos.

The trusted solution for today and tomorrow

It’s mandatory in France with Triman logos and Italian Raccolta logos today.

Our annual ECO Compliance Licence delivers peace of mind. We work exclusively with DSS+ (world leading ESG and sustainability consultants) to ensure all products on Buyerdock meet sorting logo regulations and stay abreast of any changes or new country launches, such as Spain in 2023 and the UK, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal in 2024/25.

To help keep your products up-to-date with the latest recycle logo regulations, notifications will be sent out in advance to advise you of any changes that will affect your packaging recycling compliance.

Non-compliance of EU recycle logos comes with risks and consequences

Easily avoidable by using Buyerdock


Up to €100K or 10% global turnover


Up to 2 years for Directors


Products removed from shelf

Lost Sales

Deliveries halted and orders cancelled


Reduced turnover and profits

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EU recycling logo compliance simulator

1. Select a product category

2. Select one option from each of the select menus

Packaging recycling elements

1st packaging element

2nd packaging element

3rd packaging element

Add another packaging recycling element

Try our Automated EU recycle logo generator*

There are no shortcuts, you cannot simply download a Triman logo from a web search

Our patent pending* sorting logo simulator demonstrates how Buyerdock delivers a different recycling logo for each individual product.

Based on the choices you make through the dropdown options, the simulator will create recycling logos that meet both French and Italian law**. To help illustrate the complexity of the compliances, if you do change any of the options the simulator will deliver different recycling logo variations.

*European Patent Office, patent application – EP23198365.1

**The results are for illustration purposes only. The full version has hundreds more options.

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What is an iQRcode™?

The most intelligent, dynamic QR code

The Buyerdock iQRcode™ is on over 1 million products. Brands using Buyerdock have found cost savings by using our iQRcode™ and app, such as removing printed brochures inside packaging. Others are using an iQRcode™ because they simply cannot get their unique messaging on pack, such as sustainable story, how to videos, complying with EU recycle logos and so much more..

As you enter product data on Buyerdock, the consumer app will automatically generate for each SKU, no tech skills are required.

If you have basic QR codes on your packaging, replacing with our iQRcode™ will future proof* your products.

*The current GS1 linear barcode will be replaced entirely by a single, data-rich QR code. Our iQRcode™ can already scan at POS today.

iQRcode™ benefits

Your business benefits

  • Cost savings
  • Reduce leaflets inside packaging
  • Customer analytics from each scan
  • Enhanced marketing activity
  • EU recycle logos
  • Consumer app generated automatically
  • Control expiry dates and batch numbers
  • GS1 approved

Your consumer benefits

  • No app to download
  • Instant access to your product information
  • Automatic language translation
  • Access to promotions
  • Contact you directly via the app
  • User guides on PDF
  • Easy to read allergens
  • Product recall alerts
  • Full product transparency

Trusted by all business types and sizes

Offering flexible and scaleable cost bands

Buyerdock has created a cost effective automated solution that makes compliance incredibly simple for all sizes of business. Our approach is to get businesses up and working quickly, meeting the latest recycle logo regulations, rather than being bogged down in time consuming consultancy processes and extortionate fees.

Our price bands suit companies of all sizes for both of our services. The Financial Times estimate that each EU recycle logo costs €1-2k per product, per country. Our tool saves huge costs for companies of all sizes.

If you are time poor, we have a team based in the UK that can help you onboard your products.

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iQRcode subscription

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We deliver the future today

Industry is moving toward two-dimensional barcodes that are able to carry more information. 2D barcodes look like QR codes and allow for a single, standardised way to meet both supply chain needs and evolving consumer requirements. Globally, industry has set a date to make the transition to accepting 2D barcodes at point-of-sale – referred to as Sunrise 2027.

Buyerdock has been an approved certified partner of GS1 since February 2022. And the first company approved to deliver Digital Link by GS1, our iQRcode™ will scan at POS when all retailers will require this technology in the coming years.

Buyerdock are partners with multiple GS1 offices around the world. All of the iQRcodes featured on our website are not only the most intelligent QR codes available, they are future proofed so that all brands using a Buyerdock iQRcode™ will already be able to scan at POS and comply with the future GS1 standard.

All retailers globally are starting to trial 2D barcodes now, scanning at the till or point of sale, Buyerdock are running pilots with Woolworths in Australia, Walmart in the USA, and soon one of the largest UK retailers.

(GS1 refer to these differently around the world, some call them 2D barcodes, some call them GS1 QR codes or 2D-QR codes while others call them QR codes powered by GS1 – our iQRcode™ technology is an approved standard signed off by GS1)

How to display your logos?

Meeting your requirements

Through our recycling logo generator we automatically deliver the correct logo today for France and Italy (tomorrow, the rest of the EU) and then let you know whether the logo should be printed on pack, behind an iQRcode or embed code on your website. Enabling you to meet local regulations and trade without friction.

We offer three solutions:

1. Printed on packaging

Artwork ready PNGs and SVGs files

2. Digital embedded code

Supplied as html, to be inserted into your product page on your website

3. Displayed behind 2D barcodes*

Printed on packaging linked to our web app or digital source

*Depending on product size and shape.
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Our distributors needed Triman logos in France, the Buyerdock app made this super easy

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We show FAQ’s in the app, our returns are down 80% since using the iQRcode

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Our customers want to know more about our sustainable story, our iQRcode has solved this

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Using an iQRcode on our products has made it easy for customers to access information quickly.

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