The easiest way to comply with current and upcoming EU product packaging regulations using 2D Barcodes

Upload your product information and automatically create a 2D Barcode app, allowing all brands to communicate and engage with consumers effectively for as little as £1/SKU per month.

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The advantages of using Buyerdock

By automatically delivering EU packaging logos, 2D barcodes and a consumer app, Buyerdock hugely reduces business costs such as hiring regulation consultancies, printing product manuals, adding new logos to packaging etc

Business benefits

  • GS1 approved 2D Barcodes
  • Instant regulation compliance
  • Reduce print costs
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Reduce customer returns
  • Consumer analytics
  • Future proofing packaging

Consumer benefits

  • Always free to use
  • No app to download
  • Access to sustainability story
  • Read your leaflets/manuals
  • Access to live promotions
  • View your how to videos
  • Auto-translated content
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Compliance with EU packaging regulations

In order to sell in France and Italy today (and soon all of the EU), by law, all consumer products must have a localised language sorting label on packaging.

Buyerdock is the only company to deliver all of the following current laws automatically, at once, by just asking you a few simple questions:

  • Triman and Infotri logo
  • Italian Raccolta sorting logo
  • CAP law EU wine label requirements
  • ERP Article 13 text in French

When EU countries add new regulations, the consumer app will automatically update to comply. Spain, Portugal, Poland and Netherlands are introducing new sorting information logo’s in 2024.

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French Triman and Infotri
Italian Raccolta
EU Wine Labelling
ERP Article 13

All linear barcodes need to change to 2D Barcodes

The GS1 linear barcode will be replaced entirely by a single, data-rich 2D barcode. All global retailers and industry have set a date to finish the transition to accepting 2D barcodes only at the point-of-sale – referred to as Sunrise 2027.

Global retailers are today starting to require both linear and 2D barcodes on pack (Buyerdock are currently running pilots with Australian retailers and many brands on the platform).

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Information that can be updated in real-time

No more QR codes that just point to a website

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Real world examples

Scan these 2D barcodes below to experience the depth and breath of content that these brands share with their consumers.

We’ve saved a huge amount of money by removing leaflets in our packaging

Andy Thomas

Managing Director

Our distributors needed Triman logos in France, the Buyerdock app made this super easy

Robert Jebb


Our customers want to know more about our sustainable story, 2D has solved this

Luke Sherriff


We show FAQ’s in the app, our returns are down 80% since using 2D Barcodes

Georgie Janion-Shaw


Start creating your dynamic 2D Barcodes by simply creating your account today!

It’s free to create your app and download your 2D Barcode. Only when you activate the app (normally once 2D Barcode is printed on product) do we ask for your payment information, so feel free to sign up and start becoming compliant. Buyerdock has a fixed fee of just £1 per SKU per month, unlimited use (eg. you have 2x products and want to put the 2D Barcode with app on 1 million units, it’s just £2 per month in total)

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