All Amazon sellers need the triman logo if they sell in France

If you are an Amazon seller that ships product to France or Italy either FBA or FBM, you need to ensure your packaging carries the correct recycle logo otherwise you will be at risk of a fine upto €100k or worse up two years in prison according to French law. As far as warnings go, it is pretty severe.

It’s not just Amazon sellers, anyone that ships directly to consumer via their website (such as Shopify, WooCommerce) needs to have the correct logo. This is also true if you sell in any shop in Italy or France today. The laws have been in place since 2022 and all stock must carry these logos now. An example of how global coffee brand Lavazza are using the logos on pack:-

lavazza coffee with triman and italy recycle logo

It may sound simple. It’s far far more complex than that.

Each and every part of your product packaging needs to be accounted for. For example, if you have a beauty product in a tube, and it is sold in a cardboard box with a leaflet inside, your French and Italian environmental labels need to show each element, in the native language, along with the specific bins each element goes in to.

How do you get these labels?

You can pay expensive consultants, you can download the Triman pdf and have a stab at it (get it wrong, you get the fines/prison option), or you can use Buyerdock’s automated EU recycle logo generator (the demo is here). With our Growth en Enterprise packages you can easily become compliant, a small fee starting at just £59.99 per month for 100x SKUs, this package covers you for France and Italy now and will incorporate Spain and the UK in 2025 (both will be mandatory) followed by Netherlands, Portugal and Poland – and then another 40 odd European countries that have all committed to this. Each with their own language recycle logo.

Do they need printing on pack?

In Italy, no, they can go behind a QR code, but if you have QR codes, you need to change them for 2D barcodes as per the global requirement from GS1 which is to move from linear barcodes to 2D barcodes in the next few years (we can help you with 2D barcodes too). In France, it depends on the size of your packaging, under our recycle tool in your Buyerdock account, if you know your packaging size, we’ll let you know whether you need to print on pack or display behind 2D barcode. tl;dr – almost all products currently need the French triman logo printed on pack.

Buyerdock have a team on hand to help answer any questions, if you have a lot of products we have built an amazing tool to enable you to upload many at once. If you need help, simply contact us and we’ll get back to you straight away.