Buyerdock is now an official Amazon SPN partner

by Kevin Dixie in Press releases

After a long journey, and a lot of due diligence from Amazon, Buyerdock is now an approved partner on Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN).

What is the Service Provider Network?

Amazon has identified a group of trusted third-party service providers who can assist you to speed up your export journey with their expertise. Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN) can aim to help you with every step of selling internationally – from shooting great images to compliance and international expansion. There is a specific page on compliance providers.

Any of the 2million+ sellers on Amazon from around the globe will now be able to connect with Buyerdock directly through Seller Central and be assured that we are a credible service provider of EU recycle logos to help get them compliant when they ship to customers in (for now) France and Italy.

If you sell on Amazon and need any help with French or Italian recycle artwork or the article 13 text that needs displaying digitally, do please reach out either directly on Buyerdock or through Amazon seller central. The steps to finding us on Amazon couldn’t be more simple:-

Step 1 – click on the burger icon on the left of seller central and find the following:-

Then look for help with compliance :-

(make sure you select Provider location United Kingdom)

We’ve written about why all Amazon sellers need a triman logo here

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