CONAI says Buyerdock QR codes are a good idea

by Kevin Dixie in Buyerdock

Conai, the private non-profit consortium in Italy that established the recycle rules there has recently given Buyerdock the thumbs up.

On their good ideas pages (translated) they said: Buyerdock is a platform that automatically generates the 2D barcode as soon as a product is loaded. By scanning the code on the package (via a smartphone), consumers have access to multiple information about the product, without having to download any application or register on any site. The solution was developed following GS1 standards.

Thanks guys, but we think they are a bit more than a good idea, they are on millions of products today and we think, the most intelligent QR codes on the planet..

As the first company to be approved by GS1 in the UK to deliver 2D barcodes (now called QR codes powered by GS1), we’ve made great strides towards making our QR codes the most Intelligent on the planet.

2D or not 2D, that is the question.. we call it an iQRcode (Intelligent QR code).

By using our 2D QR codes today you get to reach your consumer like never before, your app (directly linked to your GTIN and SKU) will automatically be created when you add data to our platform, the benefits are endless: post purchase marketing promotions, showcase your sustainability story, deep rich consumer and brand information, how to guides and videos, links to social media, compliance via recycling logos, cost savings (why print off multiple user manuals, add them via PDFs) all using GS1 approved web vocabulary so they are fully compliant and the QR codes will also scan at the checkouts in supermarkets.

Find out how Simone Thomas have been using Buyerdock’s QR codes on their product range.

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