The House of Lords – Driving change through digital labelling on consumer packaging

by James Phelan in Buyerdock

Further to an opening hour of networking a roundtable dicussion was led by The Earl of Errol. Attendees and contributors included Lord Taylor of Warwick and Baroness Uddin, along with DSS+ sustainability specialists, GS1UK, the Department for Business and Trade, NERC, Innovate UK, OWIT, University of Essex and the many business owners and directors from start-up to global companies.

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CONAI says Buyerdock QR codes are a good idea

As the first company to be approved by GS1 in the UK to deliver 2D barcodes (now called QR codes powered by GS1), we’ve made great strides towards making our QR codes the most Intelligent on the planet. 2D or not 2D is another question, we liken them to i-QR codes (Intelligent QR codes).

New rules on recycle logos for Spain

If your products reach consumers in Spain, whether it be via a retailer, your website or places like Amazon FBA or Ebay, you will need to comply. Our annual EU recycle licence will cover you for Spain, as well as the Triman in France and Italy.

All Amazon sellers need the triman logo if they sell in France

If you are an Amazon seller that ships product to France or Italy either FBA or FBM, you need to ensure your packaging carries the correct recycle logo otherwise you will be at risk of a fine upto €100k or worse up two years in prison according to French law

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