Introducing our automatic triman logo generator

Looking for French Info-Tri Triman recycle logos?

All consumer products sold in France require the Triman Logo since 9 March 2023.  Packaging that is not compliant can no longer arrive in France.  

You cannot simply go to Google and download an image, it must be based on the exact packaging each of your products have.

Our sorting logo simulator demonstrates how Buyerdock delivers a different recycling logo for each individual product. 

Based on the choices you make through the dropdown options, the simulator will create environmental labels that meet both French and Italian compliances*. To help illustrate the complexity of the compliances, if you do change any of the options the simulator will deliver different recycling logo variations. Give it a try here (we have built the only automatic France Triman and Italy recycle logo generator in the world)

Buyerdock have packages that will get you compliant and with each country launching a new recycle logo (often referred to as packaging compliance or environmental label), our consultants work out the nuances, we build them into our tool (Spain are just launching something similar to France but in Spanish, Italy is already law and can be seen by using our recycle logo simulator). A recent user on Buyerdock paid a consultancy over £1m to get 17,000 individual Triman logos.. And the fines are huge for non-compliance..from €15k to prison..(and of course not being able to sell in France or Italy in 2023).

The logos are all different 

triman logo

A pair of shoes needs a logo on the box, and one on the shoes.. (there are elements missing on the picture below)

triman logo for shoes
French Minister Bérangère Couillard was carrying out very public spot checks in supermarkets in March 2023, and now no distributors or retailers can accept products without the Triman logo in France.

If you have any questions, our UK based team are on hand to help, simply drop us a note here