New rules on recycle logos for Spain

As we’ve mentioned on a number of posts, the EU packaging waste directive is coming fast. Each member state has new laws that govern recycling. The latest to release their information is Spain.

If your products reach consumers in Spain, whether it be via a retailer, your website or places like Amazon FBA or Ebay, you will need to comply. Our Growth and Enterprise packages will cover you for Spain, as well as the Triman in France and Italy. The packages will cover you for each and every country launching new recycle logos. Oh and it is automatic, just answer a few questions. Feel free to try out our automated recycle logo generator tool.

Don’t forget that Buyerdock is the only platform to also deliver the French Article 13 (extended producer responsibility chain) text required digitally behind each product.

As per the Italian and French recycle logos, the Spanish logo is for B2C packaging, the waste collection bin must be shown for each component of the packaging that can be separated by hand. If not separable, it should indicate the bin of the main material by weight. There are other rules, we’ll be building them into the Buyerdock platform so you will be compliant in time.

(Just an FYI – The green dot logo is no longer mandatory in Spain, or any EU country)

We’re building them soon, hoping to have them ready early in 2024. Any questions, please email us.