Are you ready for French Article 13?

by Kevin Dixie in Regulation

Article 13 is a component of France’s circular economy law (introduced in 2020), and imposes a range of powerful new obligations on those placing goods on the French market. These obligations require those selling consumer goods in France to make specific environmental information about the product and packaging available for consumers.

What kind of information do I need to make available?

Article 13 defines a series of environmental characteristics which require disclosure, depending on the product type. Characteristics for disclosure include attributes such as presence and amount of recycled content, recyclability, presence of hazardous substances, and traceability (amongst many others).


This is a requirement on all consumer products sold in France from the 1st January 2023.


You need to show this information via a digital link on your product, this can be done via a QR code

Fines or penalties?

The general feeling is that the French authorities will not punish any brand that can prove it has attempted and made a start to be compliant.  They think the companies will be simply given 6 months to get their act together.

Those not able to show they have even started the process in January 2023 will be liable to a fine of €15k per SKU with no legal compliance, and future failure is a fine of 10% of global turnover.

Buyerdock have the solution for you

Our tool will be ready in time to start your compliance for January 2023. You simply need to answer a number of questions and we will deliver the exact information required in French under a new tile on the app.

By uploading your products to Buyerdock, for just £1 admin fee per SKU per month, the platform will provide immediate delivery of your app and regulation label via 2D-QR code.

To get a copy of the comprehensive Buyerdock regulation guide, please email here

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