Buyerdock makes it easy to comply with Italian recycle label law

by Kevin Dixie in Regulation

Decree No. 116 of 3 September 2020 obliges brands and manufacturers along the supply chain to label packaging materials with recycle information.

In short, it makes environmental labelling mandatory on all packaging in Italy. The aim of the decree is to reduce the impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment.

Click here for a detailed interpretation of the amended law.

There are two specific obligations for environmental labelling in Italy

First obligation

Producers must indicate the material of the packaging. The alphanumeric code according to Decision 97/129/EC shall be used for this purpose.

Second obligation

Packaging intended for end consumers must be clearly labelled with appropriate instructions for disposal. The notes must be written in Italian.

This information can be printed on product or via QR code.

What are the fines?

Anyone who puts packaging on the market that is not properly labelled can be held accountable. In the case of incorrect or missing labelling, fines of €5,200 – €40,000 can be imposed.


From 01 January 2023, packaging must be marked with the alphanumeric code so that the material can be identified. Information on correct disposal must also be provided on packaging

Buyerdock have made this easy for brands

Buyerdock automatically generates the correct labels in Italian language just by answering a couple of simple questions

By uploading your products to Buyerdock, for just £1 admin fee per SKU per month, the platform will provide immediate delivery of your app and regulation label.

To get a copy of the comprehensive Buyerdock regulation guide, please email here

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