Buyerdock makes it easy to comply to the French recycle label law

by Kevin Dixie in Regulation

In October 2022, a new set of recycling laws went into effect in France that required all products sold in the country to be labelled with a standardised recycling logo. This move was part of a broader effort to increase recycling rates in the country and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Article 17 of the French AGEC Law and its implementing decree (no. 2021-835 of 29 June 2021) established the legal basis for consumer information regarding the sorting label.  It states that all household products must bear the Triman logo and sorting instructions (Info-Tri) for each packaging element. This information must appear outside the packaging to be easily visible to consumers. However, in multi-packaging products (for example, a cosmetic product sold in a tube within a box), the Info-Tri can appear on the outer packaging only and includes the information for all elements of the packaging or on both the outer and inner packaging.

The company that places the product on the market, namely the manufacturer, is responsible for complying with these requirements.


As of September 9, 2022, newly produced packaging must comply with the Triman logo requirements. Nevertheless, brands can sell products packaged before March 9, 2023, in packaging made before September 9, 2022, until they run out. The French Government are carrying out spot checks in January and February 2023


According to the applicable environment law in France (Art. L171-8 & L173-1), a warning can be issued by the responsible authorities. Thereafter, continuous non-compliance can result in financial penalties of up to €100,000 or up to 2 years in prison.


It can be displayed via QR code on certain sized packaging, you will need to know the package size. We tell you the rules and what you need to do

Buyerdock have made this easy for brands

Buyerdock automatically generates the correct labels in French language and determine what logo you need to print on pack (nor not) just by answering a couple of simple questions

By uploading your products to Buyerdock, for just £1 admin fee per SKU per month, the platform will provide immediate delivery of your app and regulation label.

To get a copy of the comprehensive Buyerdock regulation guide, please email here

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